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16 Handles, Fro-Yo with a twist.

30 Sep

I love the frozen yogurt fad that is taking over the city. It is everywhere. You have Yolato, down the block from Pinkberry, and across the street from Red Mango. And they all seem to have the same equation; choose your flavor, choose a crunchy cereal, fruit, or sweet topping, and pay a ridiculous price. I don’t feel so guilty eating it because of all the protein, probiotics, and non-fat goodness, but I do hate the elevated prices.

However last night, as I was on the east side, I ran into 16 Handles, a DIY frozen yogurt bar that in my opinion competes very well with the other chains. You can mix and match any flavor of yogurt, and any topping you want. And they have my beloved Mochi topping, and a huge buffet bar of choices that I could have gotten jiggy with. Granted, the price is still high, but being able to get your hands in there and create a Fro-Yo masterpiece is a great perk.

16 Handles is located at 153 2nd Avenue (between 9 and 10).