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Brilliant British Hovis bread ad.

24 Sep

From veryshortlist.com

“Fittingly, the 2008 advertisement features a new delivery boy and route — one that winds through time as well as space. Directed by a rising star named Ringan Ledwidge,the commercial kicks off in 1886, and takes 122 seconds (an eternity in advertising terms) to move through every ensuing decade. We see women’s-rights prostesters, world wars, and a coronation, as well as striking miners, mods and rockers, and the millennial celebration. Filmed in Liverpool over the course of six days, with a cast of 762 extras, the ad packs more of a punch than most two-hour movies can muster.”

Matt Damon speaks out against Palin.

11 Sep

He equates this current political situation with a bad Disney movie, and boy is he right.

Raining Men – Travis Wall or Danielle Chorizo if you please.

5 Jun

This is almost silly stupid, but you have to laugh, since this boy is basically coming out of the closet on the dance floor. Good for him, finally the performance he probably always wanted to give. But seriously, he is a very talented boy, much luck to him.

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Love Raymond Love?

5 Jun

I agree some nice choreographer, but a hollow performance. I almost felt bad by Nigel’s initial reaction, since after the fact he admits he is a man of God!

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Part 2

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A nice moment for Philip Courter.

5 Jun

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Wow what a trickster – Cooper Zamorano.

5 Jun

He better be careful- he needs to set himself apart from former male dancers somehow.

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Some Evolution from a Competitive Dancer- Rebecca Hart.

5 Jun

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I’d be hot too If my hair whipped like that. Susie Garcia.

5 Jun

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I have to admit, I think she made it to the final 20 because of her sex-vibe. I liked others more.

Some Beautiful Extensions from Kourtni Lind

5 Jun

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A Little Gene from Evan Kasprzak

5 Jun

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