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Finally Some Tappers! Bianca Revels & Lizz Plott

5 Jun

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Janette Manrara & Romulo Villaverde – Some Hot Salsa

5 Jun


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Katee Shean and Natalie Reid – Cute Roomates.

5 Jun

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Really love these performances, yes?

So much Ego, i love it!

23 May

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This guy is the most egotistical, arrogant, cocky, Italian dancer I have ever seen. I find it so damn entertaining I couldn’t help but share. Dare you not to crack up at this shit. But I can’t deny, he has a beautiful Ken-doll body. Wow.

My Other Favorite Audition from SYTYCD Season 4.

23 May

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This guy has incredible lines and contrast within his choreography. A tension that is pleasing to watch, and a smoothness of movement that I think is lovely. He seems like a very calm, genuine soul. I hope to see more of him.