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Apple-educate yourself.

9 Jun

The new .Mac service (which I have used for 5 years) is morphing into a service called MobileMe. Push services for use with the iphone, 20GB online storage, and a web interface with a suite of applications functional in any web browser (similar to Google but of course Apple-ized). Check out apple’s website, MobileMe, for more info.

Also out is the iPhone 3G. Basically add GPS navigation, 3G cellular speeds, and a new aesthetic option for a black or white back. Both versions of the iPhone will get the App Store, to buy iPhone Apps right on your phone. It also has a new nifty scientific calculator, if you change to horizontal navigation to use it. Multiple language input, Microsoft Exchange support, etc. I am excited to see them upgrade the phones performance but since it will have similar software capabilities to my own, I think I will stick with my early adopters version.