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Ikea Campaign hits Grand Army Plaza.

13 Jun

I am fortunate enough to live five minutes from Prospect Park. And on a gorgeous day like this, I decided to ride my bike around the park before sunset. As I was entering near Grand Army Plaza, I noticed an oversized structure resembling a cardboard box in front of the Brooklyn Library.

Turns out, its Ikea’s campaign for the new Brooklyn (Red Hook) location opening June 18. The box has the notated “Home is the most important place in the world.” and the Ikea logo. The headline of the box reads “Unpack June 18th.” I snapped a few photos to show you the outside and inside, because inside lies a fully furnished apartment including shelves, tables, bed, and other misc. furniture. (Make sure to click on the picture again to see it larger)

They even let you walk around and check it out, including price tags on every item. I like this approach, and look forward to seeing the store in reality next week!

Update. Abigail Wine Bar.

8 May

Open for friends and family only tonight, I stopped by the new wine bar on Classon Ave. I met Jason, one of the owners (and his mother) and explained how thankful I was for a place like his to go to in the neighborhood. So nice! The place has a huge center low-tabled bar that is very open and friendly. Candlelight, and dark wooded tables, exposed bricks walls. Open till midnight, and serving all three meals. This girl is excited.


A friend of mine works there! Last week, I stopped by to eat and chat a bit with one of my favorite people. I had the goat-cheese-stuffed South African Pepper, Pappadew, and it was delicious. Also, they have nice bread, great lighting, and great music. The owner is always available for a conversation or two, and it is so relaxed I probably stayed there two hours. Great time.

Not Brooklyn, please.

8 May

The Brooklyn Paper claims that Microsoft is eyeing the Williamsburgh Savings Bank (One Hanson Place) as the first location of a large flagship store. Apparently Apple has eyed this unique space as well, which cannot be altered due to its landmark status. 

With its 33,000 square foot space, two-story windows, 55-foot-ceilings and Gilded-Age interior, it is definitely a rare atmosphere for shopping. That is a lot of space for just selling shit, don’t you think?

Abigail Cafe and Wine.

5 May

Abigail cafe and wine barMan, how lucky am I? Twice in one week! Yet another new place to go within three blocks of my apartment, usually only surrounded by bodegas of the classiest kind. It is apparently called Abigail Cafe and Wine Bar. Stay tuned to see what develops with this quaint little spot, that looks to be built in a modern style with a satin aluminum exterior.

UPDATE: The original restaurant is located in Greenwich Village, which has been open since 1997. (a long time in New York years) Camaje, 85 MacDougal Street.