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My favorite online secret.

21 May

Ok, so this is not something I usually share with people, but it is such a joy to find things this way I decided not to keep it to myself any longer.

I do a tremendous amount of online shopping, for several reasons. It is cheaper, shipping is usually free, tax is not applied, you can shop around at dozens of stores to price match without getting out of your chair (pricegrabber, anyone?), you can find rare items that normal shopping wouldn’t reveal.

One of my favorite websites to use with online shopping is retailmenot.com. This is a coupon code website. You know; you are checking out of your online shopping cart, and there is that lovely space for a coupon code, or gift certificate number? Most always, you leave it blank, right? Well, you don’t have to.

This website has thousands and thousands of them, all in one place. You simply go to the website before you “checkout”, and see if that particular site yields any coupon codes. Codes are either submitted officially through that retailer, or unofficially through people like you and me. I have found dollars off, percent off, free shipping, discounted shipping, free gifts, and the list goes on. Today I bought something on Ebay for $10, and found a little code to get $5 dollars off my shipping. That is half my purchase right there! 

Even though you might not always find something, you are bound to get lucky one of these days. I do, over and over again. (Wow, they should hire me)