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I cannot wait.

19 May

The anticipation for the release of the new Indiana Jones flick is killing me! This was a huge huge movie from my childhood and I cannot explain the thrill of getting to relive an Indi-adventure yet again. I think Harrison Ford still looks passable, and this Thursday I will definitely be checking out the new film. (I am dying to hear that signature dynamic punch sound effect) If you go to the official website you can follow a link to pre-order tickets for Thursday, or probably even Wednesday night, for a late opening.

I just wish I could see it with my Dad and brother, because those are THE PEOPLE to enjoy it with, a continuation of many nights in our house in Maryland blasting (to my Mother’s dismay) the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark, complete with the famous score. Actually, I just might do that, seeing as Dave and I are going to Florida this weekend. Bravo!