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“Yesterday And Today”

7 Feb

The written word almost lost. “Reveries“, a small masterful piece of writing, written by May Harris Stone of Waurika, Oklahoma in 1928, author and local friend of my Grandfather’s Mother. The first inside page contains a calligraphic note to my Great Grandmother, Mrs. Pittman, wishing her Seasons Greetings and the hope that this book “may awaken the same sincere appreciation and joy that a grand bunch of people once brought to a glad mother’s heart when she was a stranger in a strange land.” [dated 12/27/28]

The books binding smells of decaying paper, and it has the minimalistic simplicity of an old coveted copy of a Bible. Its content consists of a string of brilliant, conscious thoughts of her life, her faith, and her connections with people and nature. I have only ever read it in small doses, ingesting the words as though I am taking a dose of good medicine. I realized that some of its passages should be shared with others, since I doubt anyone I have ever come in contact with would get access to a book this rare, this old. Please enjoy the pleasant lyricism of Mrs. Stone.

This is a short piece, on page 9 of “Reveries“, by May Harris Stone.

“Yesterday’s fear and doubt have vanished, and today I love the quiet gray clouds that droop so near the solitary prairies, in tender solicitous grace. Their colorless weight does not oppress or sadden, but soothe and calm the turbulent life, while peace spreads her languid wings over all in sweet and gracious benevolence.

Life and earth are always grandly beautiful, generous in knowledge, and fragrant with hope, if the heart opens to receive the inspiration and truth extended, and forgets its weakening complaint and distrust.”