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The Largest Online Pole Dancing Community.

14 Sep

Pole Dancing @StudioVeena.com

This is a great web space for sharing videos, tips, progress, and whatever else you want to work on…whether you are brand new, or a seasoned poler. There are even video tutorials on beginner through advanced moves, and Veena (owner of site) is a lovely person to learn and communicate with! I have been a member for a few months now and am hooked.

Please click here to check it out: Pole Dancing

triptrop NYC

15 May

Thanks to Julian for this.

As an avid user of HopStop, I found this related site extremely useful! Simply input in your current address and get a colorful map showing approximate distances by train, etc from where you are!


Great for finding how far different areas of the city are actually to get to. (i.e. us Brooklyn kids can dispel the myth that we are located in a different country to many Manhattanites.)


16 Handles, Fro-Yo with a twist.

30 Sep

I love the frozen yogurt fad that is taking over the city. It is everywhere. You have Yolato, down the block from Pinkberry, and across the street from Red Mango. And they all seem to have the same equation; choose your flavor, choose a crunchy cereal, fruit, or sweet topping, and pay a ridiculous price. I don’t feel so guilty eating it because of all the protein, probiotics, and non-fat goodness, but I do hate the elevated prices.

However last night, as I was on the east side, I ran into 16 Handles, a DIY frozen yogurt bar that in my opinion competes very well with the other chains. You can mix and match any flavor of yogurt, and any topping you want. And they have my beloved Mochi topping, and a huge buffet bar of choices that I could have gotten jiggy with. Granted, the price is still high, but being able to get your hands in there and create a Fro-Yo masterpiece is a great perk.

16 Handles is located at 153 2nd Avenue (between 9 and 10).

A great resource for event planners.

22 Sep

“Founded in 2000, BizBash is the leading trade media for the event industry”

You can search for venues, tips, trends, ideas, and jobs. I found the site extremely useful, even if you are just looking for ideas for places to throw a party. The venue directory is specific and expansive.

Click here to go to BizBash/New York.

My vids from FUERZABRUTA.

15 Sep

This one ain’t mine but I loved the energy it captured.

Paint + Dancing = FREEDOM!

6 Jun

Check out the coolest activity I think I have ever heard of. Grab your dancing shoes, and your paint brush, and get ready to groove.


From Matt Jones, meetup coordinator:

“”Welcome to The NYC Paint Dancing Group! Paint Dancing is a new venue created solely for the purpose of openly expressing yourself for fun in 2 different mediums – AT ONCE!

That’s Right! PAINT and DANCING (at the same time) in private art studios and various venues located throughout NYC.

We supply the non-toxic paint, brushed and paper! All you need is your paint clothes (and shoes) and you are ready to try PAINT DANCING!

Paint Dancing is a safe, supportive and fun environment to express yourself. The best news is; you don’t need to know how to paint or dance to participate!

Paint Dancing was recently covered by Seattle’s NBC affiliate King 5 – Evening Magazine.”



I need a doorstep now.

6 Jun

From mpdailyfix.com:

“Remember the milkman? Apparently, he’s back. Manhattan Milk delivers fresh, certified organic milk from Pennsylvania Amish farms (or rBST free milk from New York farms) for a nominal fee ($5 with a minimum $15 order) to any address in Manhattan in simple glass bottles.”

Simple go to the website to place your order, and they even pick up empty bottles for reuse. If you want to steer clear of the hormone-induced grocery choices, you might like this organic, and very old school, option.

Thanks to Katie for the lead.

Urban Organic: Home Delivery of Local Produce.

4 Jun

I have to admit, this is a very tempting service. Home delivery of local organic produce and groceries. A nice complement to my delivery from Fresh Direct of the heavy stuff I could never carry home on the train. An explanation from their site:

URBAN ORGANIC, sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Fresh organic produce, smack in the middle of the city, at an incomparable value. We know it sounds too good to be true – sometimes we find it hard to believe ourselves.

Over the past 10 years, though, we’ve become the country’s largest home delivery service of organic produce and groceries, and we’re still one of the best-kept secrets around.” 

First off, I love the idea of fresh food being delivered, and second you aren’t wasting energy and resources buying product that is shipped from god knows where. I think the perfect order for a single New York would be The Little Box, at $24.99 weekly you get 11-13 items. A typical box might include Carrots, Tomatoes, Mangoes, Grapefruit, Arugula, etc. Happy eating!

Absinthe, in the form of ursine candy.

3 Jun

Tailor in NYC is serving up something special with its espresso these days. When you receive your cafe, the spoon will cradle a cute green gummy bear. Unbeknownst to you, that little scrumptious bear contains 85% absinthe. The newly legalized anise and wormwood concoction that is stirring up NYCers everywhere, now that is available in the US (in modified form).

The absinthe gummy bears are made at Tailor’s in-house candy shop. Unfortunately, it seems the only way to get your dose of this serious stuff is to order the espresso, they won’t sell you just the green fairy (well, bear, rather).

Rasta Thomas performs at River to River Festival.

30 May

The Bad Boys of Dance, created by Rasta Thomas will be performing in Battery Park on September 6, 2008 at 7:30pm. Check out the schedule here.

Details: “Co-presented with The Joyce Theater 

BAD BOYS OF DANCE, founded by dance superstar Rasta Thomas, is a stunning cast of male dancers who combine ballet, broadway, ballroom, hip hop, gymnastics, martial arts and more to deliver a highly imaginative and entertaining show.”