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Been Awhile Part Duece.

21 Aug

Again, I know it has been awhile since I blogged about much of anything besides a poppy dance show. Ha. Well now that is over, so I will have to think of interesting things to share with you.

Lets start by bowing down to the glorious New York weather. What? August? 80 degrees? Breezy? Amazing. 

I hope you, my fellow New Yorkers, are out enjoying every drop of it. 

Here is a website that I have enjoyed numerous times since its birth. It is called MuxTape. Really cool site where you can upload a digital “mix tape” of sorts of your favorite music. And you get your own URL to share it as you wish. My URL was tracee.muxtape.com. Going to the site now you will see an interesting post about the RIAA. It seems that all my favorite websites that share music in new ways is going under. 😦

Hint: Enjoy the iPhone Pandora App and website as long as you can!

RedLasso is down too, RIP.

Eventually all this media will have to be available free/mostly free at some point (hello, unsigned bands everywhere can reach millions with their digital music and bypass corps and radio hell), ill just sit with my legs and arms crossed patiently and wait for them to give. Well, sort of patient.

The Poor Man’s Tivo. Another online secret.

29 May

So, I live in my own apartment, in Brooklyn, and suffice to say it is an expensive town (yet completely worth it). I don’t have cable and I found my large old-school TV in the basement of my apartment building. I have four channels, and that is fine with me. I am not one to enjoy sitting and frying in front of show after show, with ON DEMAND options and completely sedate activity (unless it was a long ass day, or Sunday and raining). But there are a few favorites that I would love to be able to watch without running home the time it airs. In this TIVO-age, who only wants to watch broadcast television, working your schedule around the idiot box? Not me! Nobody else in this new wave of TV does either.

Hail RedLasso, a wonderful website that lets you search for national network television; free. You can search by network, by schedule, or even use keywords. You can view full episodes, news or popular clips. Right now, I have found a popular television show that I am never home for and I am watching the raw media, just as it was broadcast last night. I can fast forward through any part (i.e. bad commercials) and pretty much catch everything I missed while taking a Funk class at Bally’s last night. Superb!

You do need an invitation to join, which can take a bit of time. Then you set up your preferences (which networks you want to record) and that is it! Leave the rest to the genius of the site. It even has many of the networks I could not even catch in my 4-channel line up; Food Network, BBC, Comedy Central, ESPN! Que magnifique.