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Paris Torres steals the ideas of Kaitlyn Conley. BOO!

1 Jun

Can you tell the similarities? Stealing anothers creative vision = epic fail.

SYTYCD Audition of Parris Torres

Competition solo at JUMP VIP Competition-Nationals LA/200o of Kaitlyn Conley

Robert Muraine- Ikea.

22 Sep

Repeat Performances. Judges Picks.

8 Aug

Five Guys named Moe.

8 Aug

Twitch & Chelsie – Hip-Hop.

31 Jul

This cain’t be Fox.

25 Jul

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Chelsea Hightower & Gev

24 Jul

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“Fuego” Chelsie Hightower & Mark

24 Jul

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Vienesse Waltz- Katee & Joshua

24 Jul

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This song is crazy- Kherington & Twitch

24 Jul

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