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Top 20, Vegas Week. Pt 3.

9 Jun

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Top 20, Vegas Week. Pt 2.

9 Jun

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Top 20, Vegas Week. Pt 1.

9 Jun

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Jeremiah Hughes gets a lesson in humility.

9 Jun

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Lizz Plott, the downfall of a having a mouth as a dancer.

9 Jun

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Nine dance for their lives.

9 Jun

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Vegas Week, solo medley.

9 Jun

Some solos from Vegas week

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Raining Men – Travis Wall or Danielle Chorizo if you please.

5 Jun

This is almost silly stupid, but you have to laugh, since this boy is basically coming out of the closet on the dance floor. Good for him, finally the performance he probably always wanted to give. But seriously, he is a very talented boy, much luck to him.

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Love Raymond Love?

5 Jun

I agree some nice choreographer, but a hollow performance. I almost felt bad by Nigel’s initial reaction, since after the fact he admits he is a man of God!

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Part 2

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A nice moment for Philip Courter.

5 Jun

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