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The Juicing Adventure: Day One.

20 Jan

My boss, Cari, who is a wonderful treasure box of knowledge of foods and ingredients to infuse your body to become super-duper healthy, is taking me on a fasting adventure. For the next three days, I will be detoxifying my body of all the fast food, coffee and bagels, and miscellaneous dangerous New York City food that has poisoned my body. I am excited, I am nervous, but overall hopeful that this experience will be a positive one, with positive results.

So for Day One, since I have already ingested an egg and sausage breakfast, I will be pre-fasting on a diet of humungous amounts of water, detox tea, and a large juice of beets, kale, ginger, celery and lemon juice. I think my brain is convincing me I am hungry out of the nervous idea of not eating, but the juice tastes and smells absolutely fantastic, and I am instructed to sip it slowly to get used to it. 20 minutes to ingest the entire juice. For the evening, I will be drinking a tea for regularity from Yogi Tea.

I am told that as my body detoxifies I may experience some aches and pains, breakouts, and other weird bodily effects as it attempts to clear itself out. Here I go! Stay tuned for more.