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The Juicing Adventure: Day Two.

21 Jan

I am pretty hungry. Hungry in the way that I fantasize¬†about chicken, bagels, eggs, and whatever else I could get in your mouth given the option. The funny thing about it is I don’t feel like I am starving, like I am deprived of vitamins or nutrients. My energy level is actually great. However, this empty feeling in my stomach is controlling all my thoughts and it is quite distracting.

So for Day Two I am ingesting this blend of green leafy vegetables including Kale and I added ginger, lemon, and green apple to sweeten the taste. The lemon definitely helps but I think the rather large portion of ginger is making this juice entirely too spicy. I also have the Peach Detox tea ready and a bottle of water. Let’s see if I can’t make myself less “hungry”.