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Some funny What’s My Line: an old show.

13 Jun

Mr. Dali- a master of everything!

funny Groucho Marx:

Tribute to Harvey Korman. RIP.

30 May

Cutie Patotie.

23 May

[redlasso id=”c8b4e83a-3697-4818-8e59-e7b57d90242f”]

This girl is very accessible to me. She reminds me of the way I love to dance, (when I am in shape). I root for her because I think she looks very realistic and I see major potential to improve as an artist when she gets the opportunity with the incredible choreographers on SYTYCD.

She also is a part of this adorable online TV show where she teaches beginner dancers to move. Follow this link to see.

Take a Break, watch this.

19 May

Oh my talented friend Jordan steps it up again. This made my day, nice work dude.

BA-L-ACK OBAMA on FunnyOrDie.com

She should quit acting, and go into intelligence.

19 May

I am assuming this woman, Amy Walker, is an actress. Why else would she need the ability to use 21 different accents? Here she is introducing herself 21 different ways–and very convincingly. I read that she is actually from Seattle, a nod to how believable her performance is. When she introduces herself from Seattle, you might notice how natural it sounds.

Lovely movement, cinematography, and music.

9 May

It took me three times watching this before I realized my eyes never noticed the man. He is doing a tremendous amount of supportive work and you never notice him. Damn, he is good.